Hair transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant in Turkey
The cost of hair transplant in Turkey
Hair transplantation in Turkey A lot of people who suffer from partial or total baldness are looking for the cheapest and best place for hair transplantation.

The cost of hair transplant in Turkey is the best among the centers in other countries, especially with the high quality and quality of the transplant,

Where you can find in Turkey a lot of centers that compete with each other in quality and cost,

In this regard, the Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul is pleased to provide packages that are the most appropriate and the prices are affordable for everyone for the cost of hair transplantation in Istanbul Turkey, in addition to providing some free consulting services that relate to hair transplant operations and the most appropriate techniques while providing the necessary advice to strengthen hair and increase its vitality and options The best for the operation.


How much does hair transplant cost in Turkey using modern technologies?
Turkey has recently been known for its so-called medical tourism, specifically associated with hair transplant operations.

As it has become the ideal destination for many wishing to perform cosmetic surgery and other hair,

Where they will find high quality and effective procedures in terms of method and method of treatment and cost in general.

The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey compared to European countries is relatively cheap, and if we unify the prices we find that the quality is perfect,

There are reports issued annually about the number of people coming to Turkey for medical tourism and in particular the hair transplant procedure was estimated at more than 5,000 people annually,

Most of the arrivals are from Algeria, the Arab Maghreb, the Arab Gulf, Iraq and Germany,

The likely cause of this large number of arrivals to perform hair transplants

Apart from residents inside Turkey, to the good reputation that Turkey has in this field, and providing modern technologies to conduct the process.

As for the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey in general, it is suitable for everyone.

This depends on the modern techniques used and the number of hair follicles implanted, which ranges between 1000 – 6500 follicles,


What are the different factors for the cost of hair transplant in Turkey?

It is normal to have that difference between the different hair transplant centers within Turkey as in other countries.

But in your turn, how can you determine the reasons behind this difference, and why this difference between one center and another,

It may be related to the competition that is taking place around attracting more clients and those who wish to perform hair transplant operations, but there are basic criteria

As customers, you have to learn it in order to be able to link and compare the quality and efficiency of the center with the price it requires for hair transplantation. These factors are:


First: The techniques used:
The techniques used in hair transplantation differ from one center to another, and this difference lies in terms of the reliance of some centers on old hair transplant techniques, while in modern hospitals, including our specialized hospital, which adopts advanced hair transplant technology Nano – FUE,

Which is considered according to the scientific classification, the best and most advanced technical technology ever, and it is considered the most guaranteed in terms of results,

Thus, while you may need to conduct one successful hair transplant according to the Nano Fue technology, you may in turn need to go through a series of failed experiments regarding the rest of the old hair transplant techniques that are adopted in some centers,

Hence these differences arise in the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey.

Together, we will learn about the most important techniques and the differences that you can experience in the series of multiple picking techniques.


Mıcro FUE picking technology

Hair transplant in Turkey



This technique is the first modern technology that was adopted as an alternative to the hair transplantation by the fut segment, which had many side effects, as a whole slice of back scalp was taken about 20 cm long and about 1 cm wide,

The skin is then tightened to form a scar and destroy the donor area.

The picking technique came as an alternative to that traditional technique, where the principle of its knowledge depends on extracting the capillary roots from the back scalp or from any place in the body hair, by means of special needles, then they are implanted in the areas of baldness.

The advantage of the picking technology lies in the following points:

Side effects are almost minimal, as there is not a large amount of bleeding during the operation, with no scarring in the donor area, in addition to the occurrence of infections in the follicular follicles to a minimum.

The extraction technique is characterized by speed, where the period between one session and another is about several days only, while the period between sessions in the traditional way is several months, and the acclimatization of patients from the extraction technique is more, which makes the time of the process pass quickly without feeling any pain mentioned.

DHI technology

Hair transplant in Turkey



In principle, it is similar to the technique of extracting, whereby the capillary roots are extracted from the back scalp and transplanted into the bald areas, but the progress made in this technique is that the technique of extracting needs to puncture channels to receive the roots at the location of baldness using fine scalpels,

In the DHI technique, the roots are extracted by a micro-view device, then the roots are placed directly in the receiving area without the need to touch the hand using a grill pen which is a very fine-headed pen called CHOI in other words in the DHI technique there is no reason to open reception channels.


Nano FUE precision picking technology

The main advantage of the micro-picking technique is the use of a very precise picking tool with dimensions up to less than 0.25 mm,

So that precise nano heads were installed, through which more capillary roots could be extracted without damaging the rest of the tissue,

This technique prevents any possible side effects including mild inflammation of the capillary follicles, and in terms of affecting the quality of the operation

It has been adopted within this technology

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