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زراعة الشعر في تركيا

Hair transplant in Turkey

Nowadays, Turkey has become one of the best destinations in the world for hair transplantation, thanks to the expertise and skills of specialized doctors and the use of the latest technology, which gives guaranteed results. In addition, the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is reasonable compared to the quality of services available and the cost of hair transplantation in other countries.

Our center offers its patients the latest methods and techniques of modern science in hair transplantation.

Beard transplant

The beard transplant is done in our center with great care and enthusiastic technical eyes.

The inability to grow facial hair is a problem for many men, whether due to injury, surgery, trauma, or other causes. Lack of facial hair growth may lead to a deterioration in self-esteem.

Beard transplant surgeons at our center in Turkey extract hair from the back of the scalp, that is, the donor area (1 to 3 hairs at a time) after anesthesia. For the most natural results, the grafts are placed at an angle that simulates the existing hair.

In our center in Istanbul, Turkey, the specialist doctor meets your desire to get the shape of the beard you want using the latest technology in the field of hair transplantation that is characterized by speed and achieving better results in terms of density without causing any scar as the traditional methods used.

This process takes about 3-4 hours

Hair transplantation for women

Hair loss and baldness is a problem for men only. However, many women also experience hair loss or hair thinning.

Women’s hair loss can be associated with serious illness, stress, pregnancy, aging or medications.

Hair is always seen as an important part of a woman’s appearance, so losing it may be a nuisance for them.

For hair transplantation for women, at our center we use a technique called FUE micro hair transplant. This technique consists of collecting hair follicles one by one from the donor area and transplanting them to the empty areas using a punch. The reason why women have thinner hair branches, punch diameter is chosen ranging from 0.6 or 0.75 mm.

Hair loss may be either a temporary or a permanent condition. The faster the cause of hair loss, the faster the problem can be solved.

Hair loss treatment

Our doctors place in the center an appropriate amount of blood from the patient himself. Then they extract and concentrate the blood in a high-tech laboratory (in a 14-minute centrifuge), and separate thethat contain stem cells and blood growth factors (about 3 to 5 times the number of platelets present in the circulating normal blood). . After that, inject it into the scalp areas affected by hair loss. The treatment takes about 1 hour and is painless, and regular daily activity can be immediately resumed.

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